It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

When I was working (well, turning up to the office), the Christmas season always kicked off with a serious piss up at the Varsity match in the first week of December.

Nowadays that would seem to be somewhat late and Christmas now appears to start when John Lewis knock out their seasonal ad.

I have to say that I’m already fed up with Slade screaming out that “It’s Christmmmmassss” whenever I go to buy some turnips and turkey twizzlers, but frankly I do like the JL ads – here’s this year’s number –

When I worked in advertising we made TV ads using Chimps, dogs, a wild cat, babies and a bunch of pissed up students (not all in the same commercial, thankfully).

Hats off to the John Lewis ad blokes – who made working with animals in this campaign look so easy.

Of course I know it’s CGI – for fuck’s sake – we didn’t have electric calculators in my day, much less sophisticated computer software!


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