The Mad House

I think I’m going to give up predicting anything from now on – making a Horlicks of rugby forecasts is one thing, but this year I’m 2 for 0 on stuff involving politicians.

So if Eric Pickles is in the next ‘Strictly’ I’m going to put a shedload on him to win.

The saying ‘the lunatics have taken over the asylum’ comes from a remark by the head of a major film corporation when the rival United Artists was formed by a group of actors.

I suppose generally it’s meant in jest – right up until the asylum is situated at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I’m beginning to think that it must be me who is barmy – I’m patently in the minority on these things, although I do think that if the lot who voted for the Democrats joined the (almost) half who wanted to ‘Remain’ then we could make up a half decent bunch of semi-coherent blokes and Doris’.

As Basil said –

Sybil: I don’t believe it!

Basil: Neither do I. Perhaps it’s a dream. [pounds his head on the desk several times, sits up, looks around.] Nope, it’s not a dream. We’re stuck with it.

Yep we are stuck with it!

Basil also said this –

Basil: “Im going to see Mr O’Reilly, dear. And then I think I might go to Canada.”

Last night the Canadian Immigration web site crashed – a coincidence? I don’t think so!

I guess the first load of jobs the Don will create will be for a shedload of blokes to build a bloody big wall

Hod Bless America


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