Getting Past It

The autumn tests begin tomorrow with the Southern Hemisphere giants touring Europe (and briefly, the States).

England, Argentina and Scotland don’t start until the following weekend, but there are three big games on Saturday.

As always much is made of the history between the teams and currently the NH are looking to break losing streaks. Not ones as bad as the Chicago Cubs to be fair, but the records don’t look so hot for our teams.

The Cubs broke a 108 losing streak to win the World Series this week – an event that overshadowed the game between the All Blacks and Ireland which is being played there tomorrow.

Its 8 years since Wales beat Australia

Ireland have never ever beaten the All Blacks – losing 27 times and managing just one draw – way back in 1973

England last beat the Springboks in 2006, although they did draw in 2012

Scotland have fared better against Australia – winning in 2009 and again in 2012. On the minus side those were the only two wins since 1982

The records of all 4 teams against New Zealand make all black reading.

So is this an indication that the NH is in for more pain?

Well – no more than your daily horoscope is likely to tell you what is going to happen to you at the weekend (or ever)

The history books only tell you what has happened in the past – of course they show trends, but in two horse races, anything can happen. Just as it did at Twickenham in December 2012 when England broke an 8 year losing streak to comfortably beat a very surprised All Blacks by 38-21. It would have been more if Chris Ashton had ‘splashed’ towards instead of away from the posts (even with Mike Brown pointing the right way for him!)

Forget how long losing records are – the Cubs proved that every bad run comes to an end.

When the games kick off it starts at 0 – 0, the past has bugger all to do with it – it’s the present that matters.



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