An Early Frost

Following on from Warren Gatland’s pop at the New Zealand supporters for booing, he has had another go saying that ‘anyone could coach the All Blacks’.

“Anyone in New Zealand could coach the All Blacks and you would be guaranteed an 85 per cent win record, so it’s not a bad team to be involved with,”

Predictably this has gone down in New Zealand like a premiership footballer being gently nudged.

He may well be right, and if the chance comes up I am wondering if my CV would get me the gig.

I understand that Warren is, quite rightly, smarting from the disgraceful ‘clown’ depiction in yesterday’s NZ media, but I think this is equally a tad disrespectful to Steve Hansen and his coaching team.

Having a go at the tacky media copy is one thing, dissing the most successful coaches in world rugby takes it to a new level.

I accept that he is winding up (everyone) for the Lions tour – however a year out seems a bit early.

I’d prefer he stick to the attitude that he doesn’t want anyone on the tour who doesn’t genuinely believe they can win the series.

This is vital as it is entirely possible that the Lions will be taking on a team with an unbeaten 22 match record.

Of greater concern for the man himself is that Warren will not have endeared himself in the country of his birth – in the race to take over from Hansen this doesn’t seem to be the smartest move to me – and plays right into the hands of Ian Foster.


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