Shirt Alert

For the past few weeks the marketing blokes at Canterbury rugby gear have been running a campaign to tease everyone about the new shirt for the British and Irish Lions tour to New Zealand next year.

It was shown in shadow and looked grey and you could win yours free if you pre-ordered before the official launch (prices from £70 to £120 for the exact replica).

Canterbury called it the ‘The Untouchable’ – I have no bleeding idea what that means, unless it refers to the stupidly expensive cost

It was officially revealed yesterday in a hologram stunt on the Southbank – although the design had been leaked on line earlier and was available in some shops.

Canterbury used all sorts of tricks to build the anticipation of the design so it was terribly exciting to finally see it unveiled –

The shirt is…wait for it….red – blimey, that’s a turn up for the plus fours – who would have thought eh?

It’s been red since 1950 so the new design is slightly less surprising than Mr Zimmerman getting the Nobel prize for literature.

The good news for a lot of the travelling fans is that they can wear the one they bought in any of the years 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013. And assuming they are not carrying a load more pork next year, they will still be part of the ‘sea of red’.

I wore my 2001 Aussie tour shirt in 2005 in New Zealand – okay so it was a bit tight – like me I guess, as I didn’t fork out for the new one. I did however, get my hands on the 2005 shirt – I bought it in a reverse auction on the tour for about $NZ 500 – it is signed by Martin Johnson and hangs on the wall. Terry was really pleased at my purchase and was speaking to me again just about Christmas 2013.

The only real thing that changes is the name of the sponsor on the front!

If you haven’t got a spare £120 you can always try and win the latest shirt at –



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