French Leave

It was rumoured yesterday that George Ford has been approached to join Toulon, where his old man has just been made head coach.

Eddie Jones has made no secret of his admiration for George (as has Todd Blackadder at Bath), however Eddie was unequivocal when he was informed.

He stated that he wouldn’t be selecting players who played outside the Premiership – whilst this didn’t preclude an English club outside the top flight, it definitely didn’t include those where the first language is spelled français.

 “It’s an easy choice: you either sign for an English club or a French club. If you sign for a French club, you don’t play for England. I want players who want to play for England. If he doesn’t want to play for England, so be it.”

Chris Ashton going to Toulon is one thing – he’s 29 and unlikely to be in the frame for Japan 2019.

But George is only 23 – much too early to retire from international rugby.

Frankly, I think he’d be sensible to just leave it.


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