Half Baked Apple

I’m pretty sure that Apple is the biggest outfit on the planet. They are valued at around $622 billion and have reserves of some $237 billion.

They produce some 1 million i–phones a day – they’d probably run out of people to buy them at some point if they didn’t upgrade them so often.

You’d think that being so successful they would have the smartest blokes (and Doris’) in the world working for them wouldn’t you?

Apparently not.

Apple refused to give a refund to some poor sod until he ‘proved’ that he was not Saddam Hussein –


There seem to be a couple of problems here -. I know its Halloween season, but as far as I can remember Saddam is dead and short of digging him up and finding an empty sarcophagus I don’t know how you prove you’re not dead.

Secondly Saddam was Hussein not Hussain or indeed christened Shakrat.

If Saddam had indeed defied the grim reaper he would now be about to celebrate his 80th birthday – Shakrat is 26.

If Shakrat does turn out to be Saddam than he must have a seriously decomposing portrait in his loft.

You have to laugh at just how stupid Apple people are being don’t you? Unless you’re poor old Shakrat, of course.


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