Myth Hit

There are a number of national stereotypes that ‘dog’ the home rugby nations.

Maybe dog isn’t the right one for the Welsh – although it does involve rather intimate knowledge of a quadruped. The Jocks are reckoned to be tight, the Irish thick and the English are all posh twats.

In one fell swoop a couple of days ago, Paul O’Connell put paid to the Irish one –

Would you have got that? I wouldn’t have got that!

The BBC are touting this as possibly the greatest moment in the programme’s history. When you consider that Question of Sport began around the time JFK was assassinated that is a big claim.

So that one’s nailed – all we need now is for Martin Johnson to confirm that he didn’t go to Eton and the Welsh to go back to rugby being their national sport. I know it’s a long shot, but if John Nic (see ‘Jock + 1) will shout me a pint, then we will have hit all the myths out of the ballpark.



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