A Real Issue

Like many people we know and thousands of others we buy the ‘Big Issue’ every week.

We get ours from the same young Romanian girl, Diana outside the local Co-op.

I don’t say this to suggest that we are wonderful – although one of us patently is – probably not me then!

It is just a small thing that shedloads of us do to try and help the homeless a little.

This week is the 25th anniversary of the magazine and it’s full of interesting facts about what has been achieved over the last quarter of a century.

There are many interesting stories of some of the people who have had their ;lives turned around because of the ‘Big Issue’.

It also has a load of comments from famous people who have supported the work of the magazine. They are universal in their praise. There is one though that I really feel gets to the heart (sic) of the matter – it is from Jo Brand, who, typically, calls it as she sees it –

Good for you Jo!

Every time we see someone living on the streets we should think ‘there but for the grace of god’ – and spare more than just a thought!





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