Steyn Remover

I think it’s appropriate that the world’s best ref is going to be in charge of the third Bledisloe Cup game in Auckland on Saturday.

Nigel Owens will oversee the All Blacks attempt to create a new record of 18 consecutive wins and you can bet he’ll take no nonsense from either side.

One record that will be extended is Nigel Owen’s own – this will be his 74th test a record he set in June with his 71st match officiating in Suva (Fiji v Tonga)

He demonstrated his complete control on the field again last weekend in the Champions Cup game at Franklin’s Gardens –

Francois Steyn tried to put the kicker, Stephen Myler, off when he charged forward shouting “miss it”.

Nigel gave him a right bollocking and ordered the kick to be re-taken.

It’s good to know that blokes like Nigel Owens still set the standards for rugby.

Myler kicked the conversion at the second attempt – without those 2 points Montpellier would have forced a draw and another point! Serendipity or what?

Proper job Nigel!





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