Living in Trumpton

It really is the rift that keeps on giving – every day there is more horrendous stuff about ‘The Donald’ all over the media and yet he continues to seem to be giving Hillary a race (which is ironic as he is a racist) for the White House.

Happily it does provide fodder for the blog and for that I am grateful – it’s not easy doing this you know, it may look stupid – oh okay you’re right, it is stupid!

There are many funny photos and captions – and I like these recent ones –

But my favourites are the tattoos –


This bloke actually had TRUMP’ permanently inked on his forehead – presumably so that he can leave a mark on Don’s ‘Tijuana Wall’ by running head first into it – something he looks amply qualified for! Unfortunately he forgot to have it tattooed backwards so it could be read on the wall – it should have been inked as  ‘9MU7T’.

Good job he’s not a total dick head – although!!!!!!!!


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