A Half Measure

Airdy has been one of my best mates for more than 40 years, which is something of a lifetime – several if you’re a gastrotrich (they only hang about for about 3 days). Perhaps they eat too much unhealthy food (gastro rich – eh? Oh forget it)

He is a black belt in piss taking (Airdy not the gastrothing) – mostly out of me, although to be fair I do provide him with a lot of material – clothes, disinterest in material stuff, how I drive and, my laughable attempts to hit a stationary golf ball.

Airdy never fails to give me advice (he is from Yorkshire) which is both valuable and informative – if not always appreciated.

Yesterday he helpfully commented on my post about how I cocked up the Premiership predictions this week (’Ooops’). If you haven’t had the chance to read his words of wisdom I’ll drop them in here to save you scrolling down –

Airdy on October 10, 2016 at 4:40 pm said:

Not sure why you half a point for a draw – if you choose a win and it’s a draw you are wrong. It’s a bit like nearly saving a penalty – it’s still a fucking goal!!!

As always, a perceptive and welcome contribution.

I did think however that I should respond.

There are two things –

  1. Airdy is quite right to indicate that I was wrong in my selection of a winner rather than correctly forecasting the actual draw. He may also have some grounds for suggesting that I am being way overgenerous in giving myself a half point. However I would argue about his articulate statement that ‘it’s still a fucking goal’. Ignoring the unwarranted and gratuitous use of an expletive (which, as you know, I totally abhor). My defence is that I was only half wrong – the team I selected to win didn’t actually lose and picked up half the points available (ignoring the bonus point factor).
  2. Secondly – and this is the most important factor, I feel justified (for reasons detailed above) in retaining the half point system because of the fact that ‘it’s my fucking blog’

I really hope that has helped to clear this matter up.


One thought on “A Half Measure

  1. You second response is very valid – in fact it is not just very valid it is completely right – as a Yorkshireman I understand the point “my fucking ball, so my game” I get and understand that approach fully.

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