On Friday I confidently stated that I thought I’d get at least 4 of my Premiership Predictions correct this weekend – and possibly more.

Well that went really well!

I ended up with just 3.5 out of 6 in the end – and that was only because the Chiefs got a very late score to draw with Gloucester.

I was also wrong about two away predictions – I had both Saints and Wasps knocking over Harlequins and Saracens respectively.

An indication of how little I know about rugby is that neither got even close enough to pick up a losing bonus point.

The other three I managed to get on the money (although it’s a good job I don’t bet on this stuff to be honest)

This dropped my cumulative score to just over 70% – thankfully we now go into the European tournaments for a couple of weeks so I can spend some time studying form, checking on stats and looking at coaching tactics before the Premiership starts again at the end of the month – no not really, I will just start using the dice or asking the cat.

I haven’t decided whether to make a clown of myself (unlike the Trump) over European match predictions – will be down to whether I run out of ideas on what to write on Friday I expect – either way you can simply expect more rubbish.


One thought on “Ooops

  1. Not sure why you half a point for a draw – if you choose a win and it’s a draw you are wrong. It’s a bit like nearly saving a penalty – it’s still a fucking goal!!!

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