I’ve always found clowns to be a bit creepy – not that I ever had a bad experience – well except for that clown who late tackled me and broke my ankle!

For some weird reason there is a new craze going round the world of blokes dressing up in stupid clothes, putting on girly make-up and wearing shoes that suggest they have enormous feet (and correspondingly small dicks!)

I have no idea what this about except you’d have to be some kind of huge twat to do it.

Oooh scaring 9 year olds – how fucking brave of you.

Unsurprisingly this is yet another valuable import from the States where a staggeringly large number of muppets are trying to put one in the White House.

Robert De Niro isn’t one of them though – don’t sugar it Bob –

Clowns used to be popular for doing and saying particularly moronic stuff – so no change there then!

And this is what our five year old granddaughter thinks – ‘out of the mouths of babes’or what?



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