Days of Thunder

We’ve had a couple of worrying days and sleepless nights here.

With incredible generosity Lell has taken Annalia and Rafa (plus Rich & Silvi) on holiday to Disney World.

She promised Annalia about 3 years ago that she’d take her when she was 5 – to be honest I don’t think we thought she’d be able to, but she sorted it all out as promised (flights, villa, people carrier and tickets).

They all arrived there late Tuesday just about 48 hours before Hurricane Matthew was due to visit.

Understandably this led to some considerable concern on this side of the Atlantic and we have spent a lot of time on Facebook and WhatsApp checking up on them – mostly when they were trying to sleep and get over jet lag! They were really chuffed.

Fortunately the worst of it missed them (although Disney World did close for the first time in 11 years) – so they just hibernated (as did Mickey and Goofy probably).

They stayed indoors for 36 hours whilst the tropical storm blew itself out – luckily they’d stocked up on essentials like ice cream, donuts and jelly beans.

Now they can spend the rest of the time enjoying the looks on the faces of Annalia and Rafa (and Lell!) when they bump into Donald (Duck not Trump hopefully) as well as Anna, Elsa and McQueen!

We took Lell and Rich to Disney back in the 70s – not sure they remember it too much but we had a great time watching their excitement!

Have fun kids (all 5 of you!)


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