A Load of Anabolics

Following on from the increasing number of rugby related problems comes the news that Dan Carter ,Joe Rokococo and Juan Imhoff have tested positive for a banned substance –



The players and club (Racing 92) have denied any wrongdoing and you have to ask yourself – why would these ‘stars’ of the game having retired from international rugby risk taking drugs?

I guess we’ll find out after the investigation if it’s true but I seriously doubt it.

Askeans however, back in the 70s and 80s were often high on the stuff – mostly during the game! Ken Walker who acted as the team doc was nicknamed ‘The Cortisone Kid’ and would regularly be sowing up cuts and injecting steroids into players in the changing room whilst the game was going on. You have to remember, I played before there were any subs – if a bloke went off you were down to 14 – in a particularly violent match (e.g. Penarth or Sidcup) you could have a lot less – mind you so did they!

Thanks to ‘The Kid’ we usually kept a full complement – even if half of them must have been spaced out.

He’d bung some stitches in, pump some stuff into you – and then shoo you back to the field.

I don’t recall being especially munted but then I was so often a patient of Ken’s I imagine I would have needed a lot more to get properly off my face.

Even more surprising I didn’t end up looking like a gym junkie (ha ha)

In those days cortisone was splashed about like Brut and we never realised the stuff was banned – if I had I would have feigned a shedload more injuries than I actually suffered! And that was a lot (see ‘Getting Hurt’).

If the anti-doping were to pop round to our gaff anytime soon, they’d find Terry was off the scale!

Here’s a photo of ‘The Kid’ from way back – Ken is the one kneeling third from the left.


The more worrying fact is that I played with at least three of the guys in the pic – no wonder I could use a shot of something these days!


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