This is Just Bonkers!

Aaron Smith has been described as the ‘world’s best player’ and on a Lions scouting trip to NZ, Warren Gatland even suggested that without him the All Blacks are vulnerable

However, New Zealand rugby is in a bit of a turmoil today as the story of Aaron Smith and his toilet problem is making headlines – and not just in the land of the long white cloud.

There is a certain schadenfreude in much of the media in the media overseas whilst the reaction in NZ is mixed.

The problem for NZRU is that this is just the latest in a series of incidents that have left them a bit red faced – in particular the Chiefs end of season party and the stupid handling of the Filipo case.

In NZ the rugby fans are, understandably, saying that Aaron didn’t do much wrong whilst those who think rugby players get too much publicity and money want to have him hung (I admit this is probably not a good adjective).

I think we should get the thing in proportion (again maybe not a desperately appropriate description) – in comparison to the whole Filipo incident this is relatively minor. Did Smith make a mistake? Yeah big time – it was crassly stupid. The only possible mitigation is if he was completely pissed at the time – something which would also have got him sent home!

But let’s face it, this doesn’t exactly make him Vlad the Impaler (I know – another unfortunate double entendre).

Another error was choosing a disabled toilet although maybe being an athlete he is very energetic.

His biggest problem should be with his girlfriend, Teagan Voykovich who has been thrust into the middle of the affair (sic). She deserves sympathy and time to sort it out with Smith – not the frenzy of tabloid glee.

I’m not going to include a photo of Teagan – she is lovely by the way – she deserves some privacy right now.

I don’t know why we are surprised to be honest – in a world that is obsessed with moronic reality TV the whole incident is fodder for the tabloids. There is an unnatural interest in reality shows and the infidelities of idiots nobody had heard of a few days earlier – making morons ‘famous’ for shagging anything with a pulse and screaming at each other.

Sadly, a real incident like the Aaron Smith one is bound to have the red top hyenas frothing at the mouth.

One of them even shot a video of where the incident took place – it’s just an empty fucking disabled toilet for fuck’s sake!

Unfortunately Smith has form for being a bit bonkers –

One other thought – why the fuck did a husband and wife not only report the toilet affair but actually sound record it?

Apparently –

The husband pulled out his phone and started recording from outside the cubicle.

Initially, they thought the whole incident was “strange but kinda funny” and were reluctant to report what they’d seen.

The husband said he went back to his seat at the airport and Googled Smith, searching to see if the woman was Smith’s partner.

He said he found it quite amusing and wasn’t too worried about what Smith had done.

“I almost feel bad for putting the poor bloke in it now,” the husband said in a subsequent email.

But the wife wanted to speak out, saying the more she thought about it the angrier she became.

“I’ve never actually reported anything to a newspaper or anything. We don’t want to convey the fact that we’re narking or gossiping about his private life. It’s kinda beside the point.


Yeah right – I notice they didn’t tick the ‘no publicity’ box!

Media in NZ have actually asked for more information – you have to ask why! –

Did you witness the incident at Christchurch Airport, or do you know someone who did? Please contact

There is even a survey of readers in some press – asking

‘What do you think of Aaron’s bathroom incident?

I ticked the box ‘He made a poor decision but he didn’t deserve to have this’ just to see the results – I’m glad to report that almost 50% did the same. The other 4 possible answers got considerably less!

NZRU are under pressure – everyone from Human Rights to Christchurch airport, Women’s Rights and the PM having a say.

Smith has been banned for one game (v Springboks on Saturday) – luckily for Steve Hansen he has possibly the world’s second best number 9 available.

I worry that, because of the current environment surrounding rugby in NZ he will face further sanctions (inevitable) that will be out of proportion with the offence.

Now that would be bonkers!


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