Big Bens’

Ben Smith is one of the best rugby players around and would definitely be in my current World XV.

But there is another Ben Smith making the news today – a bloke who is about to complete 401 marathons in 401 days –

This feat is way beyond my comprehension – I’ve managed several half marathons and I once ran 19 miles from home to where I worked in Woolwich – it seemed like a good idea at the time and saved on petrol!

I was totally shagged (not like that sadly) after every race..

Actually trying to run even one marathon now would most likely hasten my journey to joining the choir invisible – luckily my knees are fucked, so it’s not something I’m ever going to find out.

Ben Smith (the runner) is doing this to raise money for anti-bullying charities (Stonewall and Kidscape) – seriously worthwhile causes.

I have always had a major aversion to bullying – wherever it takes place – so good on you Ben.

Interestingly World Cup winning winger Ben Cohen set up a charity with a similar purpose – The Ben Cohen Foundation –

Ben Cohen remains second in the ranks of England scoring – pretty special, but actually exceptional when you find out that he is profoundly deaf in both ears and has to lip read. Probably a handy skill when you are being cheered on by 70,000 delighted fans.

Both Bens’ have a particular reason for working to support this type of charity – they are to be much admired and applauded for their efforts.

Ben Smith (still the runner) is going to wind down by running half marathons for the next 3 months so that his body can adjust!

The other Ben Smith will be getting ready to face the Boks on Saturday.


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