Tew Friends?

World Rugby are meeting in Buenos Aries to discuss, amongst other things, the potential for resolving the current disagreement about a global calendar for the sport.

WR chiefs, Bill Beaumont and Augustin Pichot, were seen at the Pumas v All Blacks game on Saturday and will have their hands full at the meeting.

They both sound more positive than I would be in their view of the outcome –

“Rugby is currently experiencing record growth with more men‚ women and children than ever before taking up the sport‚” Beaumont said.

“But we must always look ahead and drive strategies that further the welfare of our players at all levels‚ build solid foundations for a sustainable and exciting game for unions‚ players and fans and deliver world-class events. Our committee meetings are an important part of the process and I look forward to productive consideration and discussion with my colleagues in Buenos Aires.”

Pichot added:

“I am delighted to be hosting World Rugby in Argentina.

“I look forward to receiving my colleagues for a week of detailed discussions that will further the development of the game at all levels.”

Ian Ritchie and Steve Tew have gone head to head in the media with diametrically opposing views on the idea of changes and are about as far apart as Donald and Hillary!

When the first outline proposal from WR was mentioned a few weeks ago it included the idea of scrapping the June tests in the year following the World Cup.

Steve Tew immediately rejected this option – predictably, as it would directly and adversely affect the Southern Hemisphere finances in that year.

I imagine he will be right chuffed to learn that a SH compatriot in Australia – Michael Chieka – does not support him in this –


Chieka admits that his idea of totally scrapping the June tests is unlikely to be approved but NZRU are equally unlikely to be delighted that he has come out with this suggestion at this delicate time in the negotiations.

With friends like these eh Steve?


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