A Head Ache for World Ruby

There was an interesting article in ‘The Rugby Paper’ yesterday – Simon Halliday talking about the need to ban high tackles and the clearing out of stationary players at rucks.

With a bit of cutting and pasting I’ve added it here

I think he has a point – in the past you joined a ruck to drive your side forward or to try and ruck the ball out while binding onto your own players. There was a fair bit of shoeing but you weren’t catapulted out of the ruck by a charging bull. I know this because I observed it happening from a safe distance – ideally on the far wing, or at least as outside centre.

It is currently legal to take players out who don’t have the ball – a bit like in American football – although they at least have helmets.

Sadly there was a report today of a player in New Zealand who is in a coma after a game on Saturday –


There is no information about how the injury happened but he underwent emergency brain surgery after being flown to Christchurch Hospital.

There are an increasing number of concussions and head injuries in the game and it is incumbent on World Rugby to address the issue – not just a protocol as to how to deal with suspected concussions – but ways of preventing the high number of head injuries.

Meantime – spare a thought for Brogan Watt and his family.



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