Bullying Off

If you’ve been here before you’ll know that I often have a go at the RFU and how I think they are constantly determined to try and bugger up England rugby.

But there is a saying that is roughly along the lines of ‘it’s okay for me to hit my brother but don’t you fucking dare’

This came to mind earlier today when I read this morning’s article in a New Zealand paper


To be fair he makes a few valid points – & these include – why is it ok for English coaches to go abroad, but not players?  and the aftermath of the World Cup debacle.

But most of his argument is bollox.

Just as on the field, you play to your strengths – the All Blacks don’t take their foot off the gas when they are 50 points up – why should the Northern Hemisphere capitulate to those in the South just because they can’t generate the same level of revenue from their game?

New Zealand are right to seek lucrative games in the States and indeed ask for more money when they tour up here. Just as the NH are justified in telling them to ‘shove it’.

However, I notice that they are not so keen to help out the Pacific Island teams with matches that help them increase funds and grow their game – pot, kettle?

Paul Lewis, the author of the article accuses Ian Ritchie of bullying – he should remember it works both ways and who started it! Steve Tew tried last year to bomb his way to the conference table by threatening that the ABs will only play sides that guarantee a bigger slice after the 2019 World Cup.

The only problem with that is when the opposition can go nuclear and you only have an unexploded WW2 grenade – as Ritchie has demonstrated by his rejection of the demands.

It is up to NZRU and just possibly World Rugby to try and rectify any imbalance that exists – the Northern Unions responsibility is to their own game – the clue is where they are situated and the teams that are in their charge. When I last looked the RFU weren’t located within walking distance of Wellington (even in boots!).

It is a bit naïve to ask the NH to hand over their aces in a poker game just because you are holding a duff hand – it is even more naïve to think they actually will!

In a pointless and stupid comparison Lewis suggests that the Sam Allardyce affair is somehow a forerunner for English rugby. What he singularly fails to mention is the internal problems of culture in rugby in NZ that have been highlighted in the last few weeks.

I will continue to take the piss out of the RFU when I think it is justified as I did earlier this week (Verbal Remedy) – equally I’m prepared to poke fun at anyone who is daft enough to imagine that petulance will help them get what they want!

After all according to them it’s us who are supposed to be the whingers!



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