An Old Stick in the Mud

A week or so ago I put up this joke –

Aussie bloke: ” I have two tickets for the final Australia v England test in Sydney & I didn’t realise that it’s the same day as my wedding, so I can’t go.

If you are interested & want to go instead of me, it’s at St Andrews church & her name is Sarah”

Turns out that Harro actually did something similar – the twat went to Glastonbury last weekend missing  the last in the series against the Wallabies.

Somewhat desperately he asked me to keep him informed on the score – he was actually so pissed that he asked how we were doing on the Friday!

I did keep him up to date with the game as follows –

I haven’t heard from him since Sunday – maybe he’s still stuck in the mud

I’m sure he had a great time, although that doesn’t stop him being a total nobhead obviously.



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